Education 4.0

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By Education Today

Posted on March 16, 2020


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As we all know, the ongoing fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0.) has seeped into every aspect of life and education is not an exception. Realizing this, the education sector has come up with a total technology-mediated approach that aligns itself with the needs of IR 4.0. The technology-mediated approach or Education 4.0 is a deeper fusion of modern technologies like AI, robotics, ICT and IoT into the teaching-learning process.

Our new edition attempt to looks at key areas that are revolutionizing the face of the education sector.

In the coming pages;

Ms. Pushpita Chattopadhyay, Head – Academics & Special Projects, Birla Open Minds, elucidates on the creative use of ICT in education and technology integration in education.

Ms. Deepshikha Kumar- Founder, SpeakIn, explains how AI is contributing to the evolution of the online education space.

Mr. Sudeep Mishra, Co-Founder, and Managing Director, Tresvista, sheds light on aspects like Future Jobs, Personalised Learning, Creative thinking Vs Rote learning etc.

Dr. Prashant Dave, Registrar, MIT World Peace University, tells massive awareness of Intellectual Property Rights in education sector is the need of the hour.

“School education has a very strong dependence on EQ and hence we always propagated the “Phygital” model or the model that combines Physical presence with Technology – Get this balance right and technology & digitization will integrate itself into operational excellence,” details Mr. Vinesh Menon, Chief Executive Officer – Education, Skilling & Consultancy Services, Ampersand.

“mPowerO comes loaded with Board-aligned learning resources, to which schools can overlay their proprietary e-resources to build a digital repository which is secure. mPowerO has also been designed for mobile-first usage, keeping in mind that most of e-learning is now happening off smartphones,” expounds Mr. Jerold Chagas Pereira, Executive Director and CEO, mPowerO.