New Trends and Possibilities in STEM

Pursuing jobs and hobbies in STEM subjects presents both possibilities and obstacles for girls and women. Gender inequality persists in spite of advancements, with women being underrepresented in numerous STEM fields. Girls and women continue to make important contributions to STEM fields, influencing the direction of science and technology with their commitment, encouragement, and acknowledgment. […]

Pattanam Rasheed |Indian make-up artist
The Pattanam Designory & The Art of Makeup

   Pattanam Rasheed Interview In the Malayalam film industry, Pattanam Rasheed, the renowned make-up artist, immediately comes to mind when the term “makeup” is read between the credits. Eminent actors frequently advise filmmakers that if a character need undergoes a significant change in the movie, the date of Pattanam Rasheed should be confirmed beforehand. He […]

V V joseph
Interview with  V V Joseph , General Secretary, ALDI- Association of Learning Disability India .

For ordinary people who know how to read and write, a disability test for children can be done in their homes or in classrooms through Joseph’s book “Ninte Kunjine Nee Ariyumo”. This book can be used as an informal way of finding out your child’s disability. Many parents, school teachers, teaching training centres and hospitals […]

Ms. Rinu Roy
Interview with Ms. Rinu Roy

In the case of differently-abled students, is it inclusive education or special schools that actually work? It depends on the severity of their disability. Public Law 94 – 142 requires that each CWSN (Child With Special Needs) receive a free, appropriate education. The law also requires that the CWSN be placed or educated in environments […]

Arindam ghosh
Interview with Mr. Arindam Ghosh

For our audience, can you very briefly explain what Schoolnet actually is? Schoolnet is a company that’s been there for almost 25 years, dedicated for the purpose, as we say, for democratizing education, employability, and employment. ‘The three E’s agenda’ is what we call it. We have been talking of India’s demographic dividend which can […]