PM Modi’s ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ would be streamed in other countries as well.  

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By Education Today

Posted on August 15, 2020


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With The Indian Diaspora Union is a non-profit organisation that brings together Indian Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on Monday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s annual ‘Pariksha pe Charcha’ is a national initiative to promote a stress-free environment for students sitting examinations. He told a news conference that 15.7 lakh kids applied for the creative writing competition, which would be used to choose pupils who will be able to attend the event in person. The ‘Pariksha pe Charcha’ (PPC) is set to take place at the Talkatora Stadium on April 1 this year.

PPC, according to the minister, is “part of a bigger effort of ‘exam warriors’ – led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi – to promote a stress-free environment for students.” The prime minister’s efforts to bring kids, parents, teachers, and society together to establish an atmosphere where each child’s unique personality is cherished, supported, and allowed to express itself completely, he added, are driving the movement.

The ministry’s Department of School Education and Literacy has been organising ‘Pariksha pe Charcha’ for the past four years. PPC’s first three editions were conducted in an interactive town-hall style in Delhi. Last year’s fourth edition was held online on April 7th.