Editors Note – Exams in the Period of Pandemic

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By Education Today

Posted on January 12, 2021


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Academic evaluation of students is a very important milestone in any education system. However, the traditional way of academic evolution process where students are requested to gather at the examination center to write the exam is not possible in the context of covid-19 outbreak. Without conducting secure exams academic year would become meaningless and motivation for learning might get diminished for the students.

So, with the importance of these examinations acknowledged, how can institutions continue to assess students during this crisis? This edition of Education Today, themed on “Exams in the Period of Pandemic” endeavors to address this concern.

Schools need to set up the policy of an open-book exam with challenging broad and open-ended questions, says Mr. David McCarthy, Director of Education at Sophia High School in his fascinating article. He goes onto explain advantages and disadvantages of online assessments/exams, and how can we stop students from cheating.

In her illuminating article, Dr. Veena Shrivastava, Principal & Campus Director – Gopi Birla Memorial School examines innovative strategies for conducting exams amid COVID-19.

Online examination is a concept which is still in its infancy in India, observes education activist Dr Rubina Ahmed. She tries to outline risks of conducting exams during pandemic.

We present the perspective of Mr. N T Rao, Vice Chancellor, MIT World Peace on Reopening of Colleges after Lockdown.

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