Editors Note :Cultural Education

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By Education Today

Posted on January 14, 2021


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Culture shapes our world and our personal development. Culture represents not only ties, identity and tradition but also dynamism, creativity and innovation. Besides the cultural behaviour of parents, children and young people also need cultural education to come into contact with culture. This new edition of ET  has the focus issue  “Cultural Education”, which aims to analyse the merits of Cultural Education and its impacts in students.

In our “Features” section read the exclusive report from Swetha Sukumar on “Impact of Culture on Education”.  “Tracing back the Cultural History of Kerala” and “Culture and History of Kerala : Books to Read and Movies to See” articles from Sapna Raj.

In an exclusive interview of Aparna Mulberry talking about her love for Kerala culture and Malayalam language and “We’re building the World’s First University of Collaborative Education where anyone, anywhere, can access resources from around the world to learn” interaction with Abhilash R, Founder and CEO of Bloombloom.

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