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Posted on January 14, 2021


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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought this fast-moving world to a standstill. The lockdown imposed resulted in the closure of business activities, public places, fitness and activity centers, etc. In the present edition, we aim at understanding the unique experiences of physical educators during the period of lockdown due to COVID-19. This new edition of ET has its focus issue as “Physical Education Today “, where we aim to analyze the modes in the time of crisis; its strengths, weakness, opportunities, and challenges of the subject thru online education; and explores the various observation from subject experts.

In our Cover Story, this edition Swetha Sukumar examines in detail the “Development of Health, Sports and Physical Education in India”. She talks about the history and growth of Physical Education in India. She also mentions the current problems being faced by the Physical Education sector during the pandemic and how it is trying to overcome them.

Read the exclusive interviews, “Physical Education Today” with coach Mr. Raju Paul, where he talks about how Covid-19 overtook the offline mode of learning, and how everyone excluded the crucial category of Physical Education from online learning. “Authorities should take steps to start the games in closed stadiums”- Ace footballer and Retired Administrative officer KSRTC, Sarsamma Lalitha, with Anjali Sukumaran

In our “Features” section read the exclusive report from Anjali Sukumaran on “Careers in Physical Education – Teaching Career” and articles on the “Physical Education at Home- WHO recommendations” and “10 reasons why ‘teaching’ is a fulfilling career choice” etc.

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