Digital Art Evolution

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By Education Today

Posted on January 14, 2021


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COVID-19 has forced all across the world to close its doors. Shutdowns are forcing artists all across the world to adapt by substituting virtual performance locations for real ones. Both artists and spectators pay a high price for social distance. Artists are coming up with inventive solutions to keep people linked in the face of a pandemic that is tearing us apart.

ET’s 22nd issue “Digital Art Revolution” focuses on the relevance of performing arts through digital platforms.  With audiences withdrawing to their homes, venues closing, and events being canceled, the industry of arts which is virtually entirely based on public areas, is rushing to rebuild itself online. Check out the features “Reinvention of the Art space during Pandemic”-ft.NFT Malayali and Lokame Tharavadu” by Sapna Raj and “The role of Technology in Art” Swetha Sukumar. 

Read the articles, “Digital Art Revolution in Kerala” and “Career in Digital Art in India”. In our Cover Story, Swetha Sukumar writes about “The effects of digital learning platforms on student performance”. Also, read the exclusive interview of singer Megha Josekutty who lent her voice for the song “Pottuthottu Pournami” which is recently ruling the playlist. Also, watch the exclusive interview of actor Vijaya Krishnan on our YouTube channel Playlist, “Celebrity Talks”.