How AI is contributing to the evolution of the online education space

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By Education Today

Posted on April 4, 2022


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How AI is contributing to the evolution of the online education space

We are currently witnessing an e-learning revolution that is bringing about unprecedented changes in the academic world. The online education sector is today being transformed by the trending technologies of machine learning and artificial intelligence(AI). These days, AI programs, software, and algorithms are being formulated for executing specialized tasks in various industrial sectors and businesses. The versatility of AI lies in the fact that the technology can quickly learn, analyze and implement an effective strategy to have the maximum output. The interactive learning environment it offers can be collaborative, omnipresent, and portable.

Adoption of AI in education is expected to further increase to the extent where smart chatbots, which are being used in commercial and industrial segments, are likely to assume the roles of a schoolteacher, lecturer, online tuition and mentor. The perfect balance of AI with instructors and machines will certainly benefit the students. Artificial intelligence is bringing about transformation in education in areas where it is required the most. This is an evolutionary process which is changing current practices, diversifying technologies and domains. AI techniques and tools also stand to benefit every participant in the overarching processes of learning in different ways.

Artificial Intelligence in Education has already undergone significant developments over the past few years and opened new opportunities in the field. It has helped to disseminate and breakdown textbook content into digestible smart study guides benefitting learners by catering to their individual needs and capacity. Personalized electronic tutoring customized to the learning styles and preferences of the pupil guided by an AI that has itself been trained by the learnings from millions of lessons is now the way forward. Rapid and dynamic strides in artificial intelligence and machine learning is paving the way for replacement of inefficient and obsolete teaching techniques.

AI in education was introduced for the purpose of making e-learning more personalized and individualistic to cater to the requirements of each learner. AI-driven education software can focus on specific areas where students need to improve, which makes teaching and learning experience more learner-centric. The online education system has provided and ensured a personal touch into teaching and learning, which offers a positive interface between instructors and learners. It can expedite the development of new and more innovative forms of online education and can adapt and adjust to the individual learning requirements of every student. The AI algorithms help to analyze the capacity of the students and modify teaching approaches for boosting the teaching and learning experience in a globalized classroom by enabling the instructors to cultivate best academic practices.

In addition to the rise in online learning there is an urgent need for upskilling in the 21st century which has highlighted the importance of learning new skills and acquiring competencies. The job market has become highly specialized and just having a degree is often not sufficient for securing a job position. Aspirants are hence often seen pursuing a postgraduate program to acquire specialization before applying for a job in their preferred professional field. But the cost of pursuing a degree is often exorbitant due to which affording a college or university education is beyond the reach of the majority of students. This is where e-learning or online courses can help learners who struggle to fund their higher education.

For the past few years, Artificial Intelligence is being used to create systems that are as effective as human-led one-on-one tutoring that can improve efficiency by demonstrating similar learning gains in a reduced amount of time. Online learning through massive open online courses (MOOCs) offers students the option to learn and earn at the same time. AI has completely revolutionized and reformed the existing structure and mode of online education to provide a more suitable platform for the learners.

The use of AI in every facet of education is expected to grow in the near future. Hence, it is important for every stakeholder involved directly or indirectly in furthering learning to master the technology and contribute towards enrichment of the education sector. AI can be utilized more effectively for taking advantage of all aspects of online education that makes it so prospective for all concerned. There is a big focus on supporting learning anytime and anyplace through the growing demand of online courses. Currently, millions of learners are enrolling for these courses due to easy accessibility and widespread requirement for upskilling. Education is broadening its scope by including workplace as well as informal learning. The next generation of learners will be open to learning anytime, anywhere, by anyone.