Film studies are not merely video recording

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Posted on April 7, 2022


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Film studies are not merely video recording

How significant are film studies?

            Students graduating from the Film and Media department will be trained to think and analyse critical, formal, theoretical and historical thoughts. The curriculum seeks to enhance the capacity to understand forms of cultural production and to promote discussion and writing. Students will have tools from a historical and international perspective to tackle the present media setting and may therefore work in a changed media landscape.

Film has been the primary means of narrating, depicting and exploring the world, and the engaging and forming of human senses, emotions, memory and imagination for more than a century and across widely differing cultures. We live in a period when film, the theatre display of films to a paid audience, is no longer the main site where movies are consumed. But, while the film appears to be transformed by TV, video, and digital media, film, in turn, creates new forms of a moving image culture.

The Bachelor of Cinema and Media Studies provides the platform for students to examine film and media history from many historical, critical and theoretical angles. The programme focuses on the study of the moving picture (and its sonic accompaniments), and helps students analyse the manner of producing and receives films, and of the influence on our understanding and significance of films of the social environment in which they are made and consumed.The study examines how films produce and receive their sense.

The goal is to situate filmmakers (and related media) in broader contexts such as the formation of the visual culture and history of the senses, modernism and avant-garde, narrative theory, poetics and rhetoric, forms of entertainment for commercial entertainment and consumerist culture, sexuality and gender.

Film studies can be described as the academic field involving a number of theoretical, critical and historical approaches to films. It is commonly seen as a subsidiary of media studies and is sometimes compared with TV studies. In particular, as indicated below, the value of the PG course for film studies..

Is Film Studies in India important?

The primary reason why cinema studies in India are important is the professional prospects that the applicants have. In addition to good employment options, the other attractions include celebrity and monetary perks. With good concepts and actual training, the person will find it quite easy to hold his foot in the field he or she chooses. For this reason alone, every day there is an increase in demand for a postgraduate programme in cinema studies.

What Are The Career Opportunities Available?

An individual who has graduated from the Film Studies Degree can take up a job as an independent filmmaker. You can also work with advertising companies or TV stations. Aspirants can also explore freelancing. The surge has resulted in numerous opportunities in the media industry. Thanks to our multiplex culture, many young filmmakers get the chance to develop lower budget films and crave their space in the cinema fraternity. The goal of every aspiring movie-makers is Bollywood, as you might well be aware. People can work for production companies or even work as assistants to filmmakers. They will gain the necessary skills and information. Many assistant producers who began their careers a few decades ago are today well-known film producers, which is a well-known reality.