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By Education Today

Posted on April 7, 2022


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special education

As humans, it is their basic right to an equal opportunity to receive an education. Everyone has the right to education and children with special needs also deserve the same. They must not be isolated from others and keep away from the education that other students receive. Since their way of learning is different from others, such children require special attention and special instructors.

The word differently-abled can be misjudged but in fact, it denotes the special and different abilities of people. Children who are different from others have abilities and talents that are unique and different from others. For instance, Jimmy whom I know is a special kid who can remember up to 55 mobile numbers which might not be even possible for an ordinary human to memorize.

Their abilities like these show that they are special and possess more potential than any ordinary human. Such gifted kids can even memorize things and events for a long time. Differently-abled children are truly the angels on earth. Each of them has unique talents and is really special. Abusing or using disrespectful words to refer to differently-abled is considered offensive behavior. When it comes to their education, special education is constructed in such a way that it ensures that students with disabilities are provided with a fruitful education.

Disabilities that qualify for special education include physical disabilities, such as deafness or blindness, mental disabilities such as Down’s syndrome and autism, medical conditions such as oxygen dependence, traumatic brain injury, learning deficits, such as dyslexia and behavioral disorders, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and conduct disorders.

A notable change is reflected in students when they are provided with special education. Education for children with special needs is thus really important. They deserve it they must not be cornered for their disabilities. Moreover, it is not a disability rather a different ability.

To encourage and enhance the talents of special children, they could be provided with different kinds of therapies like physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, aquatic therapy, and music therapy. Therapies can help them to develop their talents. Adequate training beginning with training them to do the day-to-day activities and routines are needed. Individual attention is also a major factor in special education. We have to discover their area of interest and thereby providing adequate assistance.

Monitoring their daily activities helps to recognize their unique abilities of them. Some might be interested in singing, some in dancing, and it varies from person to person. Identifying their potential and giving training like vocational training improves their talents. Special children are given classes like interactive sessions than classroom-based learning. Wonders can be seen from their performance.

Having a disability of any kind should never stop anybody from conquering the world. That is, both children and adults, having special needs should be given every opportunity, without any stigma being attached to it. Children with special needs should be dealt with according to their requirements so that despite their disabilities, they can develop their cognitive abilities.

-Fr. Sebastian Punnassery   

Director, Jimmy