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Posted on April 8, 2022


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The “God’s own country”, Kerala is a very powerful business hub. Kerala being a cynosure for a business, have travelled a long way providing opportunities for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Though there are many successful Malayali-founded start-ups including the likes of Byjus, Fresh-to-Home and ID Fresh Food, there are hardly any start-ups that have attained that level of success from Kerala.  Let’s have look at each of them…


Founder: Muhammad Haris NP and Anoop KC
Founded Year: 2011

baabtra.com is the software development training division of an IT Company baabte ystem Technologies, a member of NASSCOM, CAFIT and GTECH, established on 31st March 2010. baabtra.com helps freshers to start their professional career by making them a skilled programmer through internship programs in the most popular technologies like Python, java, PHP and latest technologies like Angular & Node.js. The platform is connected with over 70 IT companies, 282 training institutes, and 80 colleges.


Founder: Byju Raveendran, Divya Gokulnath
Founded Year: 2011

BYJU’S is India’s largest ed-tech company and the creator of India’s most loved school learning app which offers highly adaptive, engaging and effective learning programs for students in LKG, UKG, classes 1 -12 (K-12) and competitive exams like JEE, NEET and IAS. Today, the app has over 75 million registered students and 5.2 million annual paid subscriptions. With an average time of 71 minutes being spent by a student on the app every day from 1700+ cities, the app is creating a whole new way of learning through visual lessons.

Fresh to home

Founder: Shan Kadavil
Founded Year: 2011

Freshtohome.com, India’s most trusted online fresh fish and meat store. Founded in 2011 by Shan Kadavil and Matthew Joseph with the sole purpose of making fresh meat and fish available to everyone. Freshtohome’s success is driven by a commitment to their brand promise- 100% Fresh, 0% Chemicals.


Founder: Anoop Thomas Mathew, Arjun Pillai, Nithin Sam Oommen, and Jofin Joseph
Founded Year: 2012

A never back down spirit that led to unprecedented achievement in spite of three failed attempts is the reason why Profoundis has been featured on this list. Launched in 2012, the key product of this startup, ‘Vibe’, provides verified data through APIs and SaaS. And do you know, Vibe was launched in 2014. That means two years of futile efforts, the startup was acquired by US based FullContact with the announcement of the same being made on 23rd August, 2016. After acquisition, the entire Profoundis team joined FullContact and scaled.

Sastra Robotics

Founder: Akhil Asokan, Aronin Ponnappan, and Achu Wilson
Founded Year: 2013

This Ernakulum based robotics startup is working hard to create new robotic solutions and technologies. The company supports the idea of humans and the robot’s coexistence. Also, they help and take help from different research institutions for their development. The company was started in 2012 and was selected as the top 5 startups of 2012 in the StartupVillage, incubation center.

Innot Technologies

Founder: Rajith Nair and Prasanth Thankappan
Founded Year: 2014

Streaming music, videos and images through home network is common today. There are various companies in this market at present, catering to millions of users across the globe. However, digital media receivers aren’t dirt cheap; they are expensive with the retail price growing exponentially as new features are being developed. To counter this expensive problem Inntot has created the breakthrough Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) Receiver solution. The startup also offers services pertaining to consumer electronics and IoT. Currently based at Info Park, Kochi, the endeavor launched in 2014, was the product of the combined efforts of Rajith Nair and Prasanth Thankappan. It was among the ten startups chosen for the Industrial Innovation Awards held in 2017.


Founder: Anoop Balakrishnan, Arun Ravi and Nikhil Dharman
Founded Year: 2015

An app for the tyro chefs out there; an app that can list out possible recipes that can be prepared from whatever ingredients you have in hand. Using machine learning and image processing, RecipeBook provides a helping hand for anyone interested in cooking. RecipeBook was founded in December 2015, by Anoop Balakrishnan, Arun Ravi and Nikhil Dharman. Stimulated by their own experience of cooking meals using whatever condiments and items they had at hand, they decided to solve this problem faced by bachelors in PGs, students in hostels and nearly everyone who has to make meals. With more than a million installs, it has been recognized under Google’s ‘Editor’s Choice’ in play store. There’s even an offline shopping list which enables you to add ingredients to a list for the purpose of referencing.


Founder: Jeevan Varghese,

Founded Year: 2017

Joboy brings the best of experts in Home services, Home Maintenance, Home Appliances repairs, Utility services, Lifestyle services, Beauty services, Medical services, Repair & Maintenance, and other professional local services to you, right where you are. We have built our services and technology from a customer’s view, so our services are centred around the customer’s needs


Founder: Mohammed Hisamuddin
Founded Year: 2017

Entri is an online learning platform that is ‘adaptive’. It offers a variety of features such as dashboards that institutes can access to see student reports, a course structure that allows students to transition from being a novice to an expert in any topic of their choice, a test preparation platform for exams such as IIT JEE, PSC, SSC and others. Entri can be used either as a web app or a mobile app, thus providing greater flexibility. This initiative of Mohammed Hisamuddin and Rahul Ramesh has been rewarded byMartin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. Moreover, it is being supported by ‘LearnLaunch’, and is a member of Facebook’s program for the most promising mobile apps.


Founder: Lajesh Kolath

Founded Year:

MEAL’D is growing from the city of Kochi as a food production and on demand delivery company and feels proud to have achieved the combination of services that it had aimed for. They built this brand with nostalgia which is why wrap the food in banana leaves. Through this the consumer can experience the freshness and aroma in order to have a quality meal.

“Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or you stay afrid of taking them.” Jim Carrey, entrepreneurship is also about taking the risk. All the above are the famous startups launched in Kerala during the last 10 years. These statups stands as an inspiration for all of us to achieve our dreams despite of all adversities.So what are you chase your dreams!