Importance of computer literacy & students’ academic performance

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By Education Today

Posted on April 9, 2022


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Importance of computer literacy & students’ academic performance

We’re living in a fast-paced environment where technological devices are being used for more reasons than ever. Today, Computers play an important role in all sectors of society’s operations, as though they are vital in all of its endeavours – business, education, and personal life. Computers have an impact on every aspect of our life and every sector of global society; as a result, it is vital for anyone hoping to integrate into the 21st century. 

The use of computers is becoming increasingly crucial in modern society, and the last few years, we’ve seen rapid advancements in information and communication technology. The widespread use of the internet in everyday life has important implications for education.  

computer literacy is imperative for every individual, especially for students. A person is called computer literate if one has the knowledge and ability to use computers and related technology efficiently, with a range of skills covering levels from elementary use to programming and advanced problem solving.

Computer literacy is a necessity for students, especially from school time onwards. During the time of the pandemic, schools implemented Minimal usage of books. It is a requirement for students to have and access a computer or tablet for browsing, searching, and serving as an eBook.

Computers and the internet help students to discover creativity and imagination. Understanding technologies is one of the many uses of computers. There is a saying that students are future leaders for any nation. 

Currently, information technology has been a part of the school curriculum for students from an early age. This enables students to learn IT very easily, and today computer training is being imparted not only to the students but also to the teachers. Government too is taking steps to enhance education in India with modern techniques using computers and laptops.

Nowadays, every student prefers Internet learning whether it is for home works, study notes, projects or for exam preparation. This is why computer skills should be adopted by students in school life only; not only these skills are beneficial for their studies but also, they can excel in other spheres like for professional purpose or for personal use. Where computers, laptops as well as mobiles have advanced and improved our lifestyle there are certain negative impacts too which can be harmful to long-term if timely actions are not taken to reduce them.

In this technological age. IT provides a wide range of resources for improving teaching and learning abilities. Now it is possible to provide audio-visual instruction with the use of technology.  

Computer literacy is important for a number of reasons: first of many jobs require the use of computers in some form. For example, office work is mostly based around a computer. Basic computer literacy abilities can assist students in progressing to more advanced technical skills such as programming. 

Today’s communication is entirely digital. Children have to learn how to communicate with others in a safe, appropriate, and successful manner using a variety of communication methods. In the future, children will be able to progress to more advanced and technical computer skills. In the digital era, computer literacy should be everyone’s first choice.

Computer skills are important as it empowers an individual in the current scenario to survive and beat the competition. Without basic computer skills, the chances to become employable are greatly reduced. Computer technology is advancing at a lively pace than ever before, and the chances are high that you will be left behind if you don’t strive to become at least semi-literate in the sphere of computer literacy.

Gaining computer skills will increase your value for office jobs. Thus, everyone should focus on developing computer skills as it’s the only way to become employable amid all the hardships and the existing competitive environment. 

Some benefits of computer knowledge; Since almost all workplaces use computers therefore need for person having computer skills is really in great demand. In the modern world, it is easier to hear or read about the latest news through computer websites. The cost of using computers for communication is quite reasonable making them ideal for those running businesses or people who wish to save more. Person using computer is more organized and also who knows well such Programs like word processors and bookkeeping software is actually a proper material to be a professional person.

Students’ performance may be influenced by computer education since it allows them to become more involved in their schoolwork. Computers have the ability to increase pupils’ mathematical thinking as well as their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Students’ ability to perform well on some standardised tests is also influenced by their computer education.

It is essential for every other student to learn basic computer skills and also awareness about cybercrimes. However, students should understand the correct and ethical use of these skills. The most important requirement for India to become a 100% computer literate country is to make computer education compulsory for students from school level onwards.