Interview with Dr. Anil Kumar

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By Education Today

Posted on April 10, 2022


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Influence of media in Education.

Media has an exceptional influence on a comprehensive educational policy. However, people tend to evade media due to the advent of modern technologies. People frequently prefer to read two-sentence news on their phones and are satisfied with such limited information. Accordingly, they won’t be able to acknowledge and evaluate contemporary affairs. Second, traditional media has always been thought to protect our country’s truth and justice, whereas today there is an alarming increase in fake news and misinformation. In today’s world, cyberattacks are all too common. The practice of falsifying information is also widespread.  All of these events eventually corrupt the media. As a result, student’s and youngster’s interests in media and media-related studies will wane. In our society, there are several myths about media education that keep people away from it. Regular follow-up 

 Importance of digitalized or e-learning.

Digitalized learning is not a replacement for the traditional method of learning. It is only a supplementary method. Digital learning indeed has made learning easy for students during the pandemic. Even though completely depending on the digitalized world will create a negative impact on the generations. It should be there, it must be there but it should stand as a supplementary mode of education and not as the dominant one. The chance of getting distracted is higher in online or e-learning than in the offline mode of teaching. Teaching through making eye contact and interacting throughout the classes are comparatively less in digitalized learning. It is thus only through the traditional way of learning, students could be able to learn things in-depth.  

Pros and Cons of social media.

The use of social media is an inescapable evil. Traditional media, such as newspapers, are sometimes responsible for instilling distrust in the public due to the dissemination of false information. Social media takes advantage of this and uses it to disseminate information because they are the most trustworthy. Most of the online news reporting portals do lack responsible editors or organizations. Even though online media publishes news that other forms of media refuse to publish, it raises its own set of issues. The media can have both positive and negative effects on society. People must handle social media with great care and awareness in today’s world, which is dominated by social media.

Importance of providing Media literacy to students.

Media literacy is a critical component of education. Society is always influenced by the media. Given this, allowing students to enter a media-induced world without a thorough understanding of media and its components will inevitably result in a slew of issues. Students must be taught media literacy from the start of their education. It’s an unavoidable aspect of modern life. Information about media studies should be included in the school curriculum. Students are made aware of the importance of media and a media-induced world by including topics such as the importance of news, what is news, the components of mass media, print media, and much more. Students must understand the benefits and drawbacks of media. As a result, media literacy is a requirement in our curriculum.