Representation of Women in Malayalam Cinema

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By Education Today

Posted on April 22, 2022


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Representation of Women in Malayalam Cinema

The ‘fair’ representation of women in cinema is still in question. Cinema has become hugely significant in studies related to the social position of women because the female characters on screen come to represent not an individual but a category. This visual medium has a gripping influence on the public and plays a crucial role in the perspective formation of an individual.

The 32nd edition of Education Today will be themed on “Representation of Women in Malayalam Cinema” and we will be analysing the place and evolution of female characters in Malayalam movies.

Check out the cover story compiled by Megha Elza John, “Gender Stereotypes in Malayalam Cinema”, and features of “Female Lead Characters in Malayalam Cinema” by Swetha Sukumar, “Of Female Bonhomie in Malayalam Cinema” by T. Amiya, M.A Graduate, “Evolution of Female Characters in Malayalam Cinema from 1990s till now” by Rosemol Thomas, B. Ed student.