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By Education Today

Posted on April 22, 2022


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Tinyhood, the leading online education platform for parents, is reimagining the way parents potty train their children with their latest on-demand class Potty Training: The Stress-Free Guide to Success.

In a first-of-its-kind class, Tinyhood partnered with leading Pediatric Occupational Therapist Quiara Smith (MOT OTR/L) to develop the first potty training method and class taught by an expert who specializes in the pelvic floor and pediatric potty issues.

“I’ve worked with thousands of families for whom potty training has not gone well, and have seen what an emotional toll it has taken on children and their families,” said Smith. “These parents I was seeing in my practice were blaming themselves for their child’s long-term issues, be it toilet refusal, fear of the potty, or chronic constipation. But from my perspective, the problem isn’t with the parents, it is these popular potty training methods that don’t take into account the latest science or a child’s physical, social & emotional development.”

For parents of children 24+ months, Tinyhood created this class in order to prevent so many of these issues – by providing a simple, straight-forward, evidence-based method that is rooted in child development and is specifically designed to avoid the common pitfalls and make potty training not “stick.” In the class, parents will learn when to potty train based on both the biological and emotional signs of readiness, get a step-by-step-method for how to potty train in a matter of days, and learn how to troubleshoot common challenges such as regressions, poop withholding, and more.

“We’ve heard from so many parents that potty training can be one of the most stressful and daunting milestones they face,” said co-founder and CEO Becky Miller. “We saw a big gap in the educational offerings out there and knew we had to give parents a better way – one that is grounded in expertise and already proven to work with real families. Now, parents everywhere can have access to this groundbreaking potty training method and the best possible expert guidance.”

Tinyhood’s online classes are taught by the industry’s leading experts in order to give parents the most reliable information. The platform is created with the modern parent in mind. All courses are 100 percent on-demand allowing parents to learn anytime, anywhere.

“With our professionally produced classes, we’re able to provide an unmatched, immersive learning experience complete with detailed animations, demonstrations with real parents and children, as well as interactive handouts and checklists,” said co-founder and CTO Susan Blinn. “The classes are specifically designed to support all types of learners and be easily consumed by busy parents.”

The launch price of $59 includes nearly 2 hours of video content broken down into bite-sized video lessons, downloadable handouts and checklists. Parents have access to the class for 1 year.