The University of Arizona Global Campus Approved to Offer VA Education Benefits to its Military-Affiliated Students

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By Education Today

Posted on April 26, 2022


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The Arizona State Approving Agency (AZ SAA) and United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) have approved the University of Arizona Global Campus (UAGC) to offer VA education benefits once again to its military-affiliated students after a bureaucratic snafu caused a temporary lapse. The approval means that current and prospective students will again be eligible to utilize VA education benefits at UAGC, including course tuition and fees and Monthly Housing Allowance. Affected students who started classes in April, beginning with the April 5 and extending through the April 19 start dates, will be back certified by UAGC for course tuition and fees. The Monthly Housing Allowance also will be covered for these students. Therefore, UAGC expects no interruption to student benefits, classes, or costs.

UAGC has been in compliance and followed all the guidance given by the California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education (CSAAVE), as well as the Arizona State Approving Agency (AZ SAA). The lapse in VA funding was due to events brought about by the move of the UAGC main campus from California to Arizona. Even with the lapse, UAGC made immediate adjustments and offered grant funds to all affected students to ensure their education was not impacted.

“Our team has worked around the clock with the AZ SAA to rectify this unfortunate situation and we’re grateful for the cooperation and attention of CSAAVE, AZ SAA, and the VA and for getting our students approved as quickly as possible,” UAGC President Paul Pastorek said. “I’m proud to say we avoided any disruption to our current eligible students and their dependents by providing grant funds until this situation was resolved. We did everything in our power to ensure our military-affiliated students would get the VA benefits they so richly deserve.”  

The University of Arizona Global Campus is proud to have such a diverse student population, including the more than 25% of its student body with a military affiliation. UAGC values their service, dedication, and sacrifice. For more information about the use of VA education benefits at UAGC, please visit the website