How Does an Admission Counsellor Help a Student Choose the Best Career?

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By Education Today

Posted on May 5, 2022


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You are an admission counsellor, please explain what is this job?

The students are confused after 12 th that what courses they are to choose.
Admission counsellor helps to understand about the relevant and more knowledge
about the education, schools’ or colleges, faculty admissions procedure, and many
other related things. If you are confused about your career, you can contact an
admission counsellor and who helps you to achieve your goals, and they also help
you to find a good school or university for your after studies. If I am talk to about the
job description of an admission counsellor, he/she has a verity of responsibilities
whether we belong to high school or college level they have to engage the
application process. So, if you are looking the high school students, admission
counsellor is expected to have a wide range of knowledge regarding specific
educational, vocational and certificate programs that may interest students after
graduation. They should have a keen understanding of various college applications,
and they should be able to assist students in obtaining the necessary documentation
needed for the application process. They can guid the students the best way, and
that may even after the graduation. So, admission counsellor also needs to keep
them updated.

How admission counsellor actually works?

The working of admission counsellor is depending of factors. That fits between
students’ institutions and courses. The working can be divided into two parts, high
school admission counsellor and college admission counsellor. The college
admission counsellor is assigned to a particular school within a college if you can
say like the medical or business schools. This helps to cut down the recruitment at
the good time. On the other side, the high school admission counsellor it faces a
very vital role. To help a student the transition from high school to the graduation to
guid the students to applying for a good career into a good college programme. If
you are looking for a counselling as a career there are many opportunities, and many
universities providing such course and requirements.

How to be a good counsellor?

A good admission counsellor should have a good experience in admission either on
the high school or college side. Admission counsellor has to be updated about new
colleges, courses and job opportunities etc. Admission counsellor take every student
equally in terms of their uniqueness, and talent. They have to spend some time with
students and get to know the student individually, understand the students’
problems. They have to communicate effectively with students. These are the best
qualities for an admission counsellor should have.

What are the limitations of an admission counsellor?

Definitely, they have a few things that they will not do, they can’t make admission
guarantees at any college. And also, they can’t do any recommendations to students for their studies. Admission counsellor is just like a mentor or a guide to help you
throughout the college application process.

What are the job opportunities for a career counsellor?

Career counsellors are bound to play a more crucial role today than ever. Today,
career decisions are more informed rather than based on parental
recommendations. A student has the right to choose the area in which he/she wants
to work based on their passion. We, career counsellors, help them to find a good
career option and better opportunities in that field.

Career counsellors help students and professionals identify the right career skills and
path. They are in huge demand more than ever. Career counselling is one of the rare
few professions which allow you to work with school students, parents of these
students, graduates, young professionals, and even mid-career professionals looking
for a switch. The job opportunities of this field are also increasing day by day. There
are so many opportunities to work in a vareity of areas, including school counsellor,
admission counsellor, corporate leading and development leader etc.

The Certified Career Analyst (CCA) certification is one of the best credentials to
enter the world of career counselling. As a career counsellor you must have an
excellent communication skill, and he is a good listener, also his mental
confidentiality is important. So, an individual with the right motive, passion, honestly
and skills can become a career counsellor in India.v