According to a survey, Indian parents spend Rs 20000 on public education and Rs 47000 on private education.

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By Education Today

Posted on May 19, 2022


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At India, parents pay about Rs 20,000 per year on their children’s education in government institutions. Parents of pupils at private unaided schools pay more than twice as much, on average, at Rs 47,000 per year. According to a poll conducted by Edtech company Schoolnet India Ltd, these expenditures include school fees, transportation, and other expenses such as infrastructure and classroom amenities.

According to the poll, 6% of parents spend between Rs 51,000 and Rs 1,000,000 on education at top government schools such as Kendriya Vidalayas, compared to 28% of parents who spend the same amount on education in unaided private schools.

In partnership with PGA Labs, a study titled ‘Understanding Indian School Education Spends Landscape’ was done on the entire expenditure on a child’s schooling and education in India among private and government schools. The information was gathered from 480 parents of students in government schools and 437 parents of students in private unaided schools (with 75% of pupils attending “affordable,” “low-cost,” or “budget” private schools).