Trent University Launches Interdisciplinary Health & Behaviour Degree Program

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By Education Today

Posted on May 23, 2022


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In keeping with its reputation for hands-on, interdisciplinary education, Trent University’s new Bachelor of Science in Health and Behaviour will give students the unique opportunity to explore the complex field of health and our behaviour around mental and physical health.

“Our Health and Behaviour program offers a unique multidisciplinary approach that gives students a broader, holistic look at health and behaviour with courses from many different disciplines taught at Trent – from psychology and sociology to biology, nursing and kinesiology,” said Dr. Michael Chan-Reynolds, chair of Psychology at Trent University.

Students enrolled in this program can expect a strong emphasis on research. Not only will there be opportunities to conduct their own research, but they will also learn the importance of interpreting research, with a clear understanding of social issues and how health and our behaviour intersect. They will also develop a firm grasp on how to interpret data and how to apply this information to complex health issues.

“We will be offering a unique third-year course called Health Communications, which will focus on the design, implementation, and evaluation of health communications and the promotion of health literacy,” said Dr. Sarah West, program director of Kinesiology at Trent. “Here students will learn how to effectively communicate research findings to stakeholders, whether it’s patients, clients or the broader public.”

Real-world applications for career-ready graduates
Hands-on, community-based learning and research will be a central component of the program. Students will complete a 12-week placement in a community setting, such as health clinics, agencies, and schools, where they will explore a specific topic of interest related to health promotion or population health. During their placement, students will gain first-hand experience in developing and implementing health promotion initiatives.

“I think the nice thing about this degree is that it is broad in the sense that it gives students choice in what to explore, but also stays specific to the topic area,” said Professor West. “You’re getting a holistic look at health behaviour, so ultimately you can pursue various healthcare routes, as well as research or teaching, or even health communication and journalism. I really think almost any career is possible.”

Students graduating from Trent’s Bachelor of Science in Health and Behavior will have the critical and analytical thinking skills to become leaders in the health sector and health-related fields, with the ability to integrate health-linked behaviour theories into decision-making processes and real-world applications.