Why Prefer Central Universities?

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By Education Today

Posted on June 1, 2022


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Why Prefer Central Universities?

Central Universities in India are public universities that are established by an Act of Parliament and are controlled by the Department of Higher Education. These universities are recognized by the University Grants Commision (UGC) and are regulated by their rules. Every year, central universities conduct a common entrance test (CUCET) to select the eligible candidates and admit them to various central universities across India. The competition is high and tough since almost an average of 1.5 lakh applications are processed each year. 

Central universities, state universities, deemed universities and affiliated colleges are known to be primary sources of higher education but central universities always stand one step ahead. Let’s discuss the various factors about why students should prefer central universities over other institutions. 

(i) Library Access and Experienced Faculty

Libraries play a central role in a student’s life. They enhance the students’ life by providing them with all the materials and services they need. Students mostly have 24/7 access to the libraries in central universities. The timings may differ depending on different universities but students can easily access the e-resources of the library anytime they want. Every central university has a plethora of resourceful texts, research publications, magazines, journals, rare books and manuscripts. 

Central universities consist of the best professors who will also be established academics in concerned areas. The facilities in central universities attract the top teachers and world-renowned professors, giving students the benefit of learning from the best in their field while having access to cutting edge technologies. 

(ii) Proper Funding

Central government is responsible for major policies relating to higher education in the country. It provides proper funds, which leads to better facilities and lower tuition fees, attracting a larger and talented set of student bodies. Students belonging to economically lower backgrounds will be provided with qualitative academic experiences. High quality education at lower expenses stands central to these universities. 

(iii) Exposure

Central universities can be called a melting pot of different cultures and practices. It offers a heterogeneous atmosphere for students which allows better chances of collaborative innovations. Students will work collectively with others from differing backgrounds and in so doing be exposed to other cultures, insights and perspectives. This diversified atmosphere leads to a greater collective knowledge base, greater opportunities for learning and a much more satisfying college experience. This is the most beneficial factor that a student would experience while leading a life in central universities.

(iv) Autonomous

Universities are generally autonomous institutions entitled by law to design and develop courses which they consider relevant and appropriate. State colleges and other institutes are supposed to be regulated by the university to which they are affiliated or associated. Agencies and councils have been formed for the smooth functioning of universities, given the wide range of institutions. 

(v) Students Union

Universities have a vibrant and youthful union that actively participates in the administration of the university. It always strives for the welfare of the student community and acts as a critic to the laws and amendments the university generates. They represent every student in the campus, and work towards creating a safe environment for each and every one. 

(vi) Extracurriculars

College life is not only about academics but also campus life, cultural societies and extracurricular activities. Central universities are majorly desired by the students because of its life outside of academics. A lot of interesting societies and clubs awaits each student entering the campus since universities call for a fine balance of academics and non-academics. There would be TEDx Talks, seminar classes and workshops on one hand and literary, sports, language, music clubs on the other. Since, the university is an amalgamation of different cultures, a lot of cultural festivals are conducted accordingly that makes the life there, more happening and memorable. 

Central universities offer a different and enriching kind of experience unlike every other institution. A qualitative academic experience, exposure to different cultures and a vibrant campus life is everything you ask for.