Fellowships to Support Emerging LGBTQ+ Research have been announced by Gale and the Committee on LQBT History.

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By Education Today

Posted on June 14, 2022


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Conference on Queer History – Pride Month is an occasion to reflect on the accomplishments achieved in the community for justice, inclusiveness, and equality, as well as to reiterate the importance of continuing to advocate LGBTQ+ rights globally. In connection with the Queer History Conference 2022, Gale, a Cengage Group company, and the Committee on LGBT History (CLGBTH) have announced the funding of five non-residential fellowships known as the Gale-CLGBTH Non-Residential Fellowships. Each fellow gets a stipend of $2,500 from Gale, as well as access to Gale’s award-winning Archives of Sexuality and Gender and Gale Digital Scholar Lab. 
The program’s purpose is to stimulate new LGBTQ+ research by allowing researchers to offer new perspectives using digital humanities approaches. “We’re thrilled to assist the LGBTQ+ research community with these scholarships as part of Gale’s continuous commitment to DEI projects, and help them broaden the possibilities of their research,” said Seth Cayley, vice president of global academic product at Gale. “We believe that by giving these fellows with funds and access to our digital archives and Gale Digital Scholar Lab, they will be able to further their research projects and encourage better knowledge, awareness, and understanding of LGBTQ+ lives and communities.