Lauren Sanchez, an Emmy-winning journalist, announces a $1 million donation to This Is About Humanity.

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By Education Today

Posted on July 22, 2022


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Today, Lauren Sánchez, an Emmy-winning journalist, the creator of Black Ops Aviation, the vice chair of the Bezos Earth Fund, and a philanthropist, announced a $1 million donation to This Is About Humanity, a group working to raise awareness about family separation at the border. The funding will be utilised in collaboration with the International Community Foundation to construct new ludotecas, or migrant children’s learning centres, as well as to assist programmes addressing mental health, food insecurity, and other vital, enriching services. The organization’s longstanding sponsor Ms. Sánchez recently travelled to Tijuana to tour the initial seven educational facilities made possible by her prior donations.

Thousands of individuals are constantly looking for protection along the Mexican and American borders, according to Lauren Sánchez. “Many of those folks are still developing and learning as they are kids and teenagers. Everyone should understand that everyone has the right to a fun, educated, and rewarding childhood, regardless of where they were born. I am very happy to be a part of This Is About Humanity’s crucial work since they are helping so many youngsters realise their dreams. As we restore neighbourhoods and inspire optimism in the following generation of activists, I hope to see many more join us along the path. We’ve just just begun.”

This Is About Humanity was established in 2018 to combat the continued destruction caused by family separation in border cities. The group organises border tours, a financial scholarship fund to give people and families the necessities to rebuild, building projects, and much more through education and the gathering of allies and advocates. Co-founder of This is About Humanity, Elsa Marie Collins, said: “We feel really grateful for Ms. Sánchez’s kind gift to TIAH. Ms. Sánchez has consistently supported our border projects, demonstrating her understanding of our purpose and the motivation behind what we do. This $1 million contribution helps us continue to serve families and children at the border and advances us closer to all of our objectives, big and small. Together, we can alter the landscape of the resources we have, improving the opportunities and community initiatives we can do.”