Chair Professorships are awarded by Woxsen University in recognition of international experts.

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By Education Today

Posted on August 9, 2022


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Woxsen University announces the creation of 41 Fellowships/Chair Professorships in recognition of the professional achievements of some of the most well-known educators in the world. One of Woxsen University’s highest honours, it is given to faculty members who have consistently displayed a high degree of intellectual achievement in their chosen fields of study. Their contributions to research, instruction, and the promotion of the university are recognised by the title of Chair Professorship. These will pay homage to the notable individuals from around the world for whom they are named while also clearly enhancing the educational possibilities available to the chair’s students and faculty on a worldwide scale.

The emphasis on globalisation of education has always been a priority for Woxsen, which today has 92+ partner institutions, 90+ adjunct professors from some of the greatest universities in the world, 20+ clinical & professor of practise, among other things. Monthly sessions on a variety of topics are organised, including the Woxsen Global Forum, Woxsen Worldwide Lecture Series, and corporate alignment meetings with senior executives on campus, to supplement the international exposure of all stakeholders and exchange programmes. In addition, Woxsen has set aside two yearly “International Months” that function as non-credit certification courses and stackable micro-credits. These months fall between September and November and March and May.

The International Advisory Board, made up of department heads and alumni from top universities with FT Global rankings and Triple Crown, representatives of international accreditation bodies, and former students from Woxsen University, reviews activities, progress, and course of action.
Woxsen has recently offered Chair Professorships to make working with reputable institutions throughout the world for joint research projects much easier. The chair holders were chosen based on their primary areas of expertise and accomplishments, and they are expected to continue offering the department, profession, and society at large great intellectual insights.