Change Your Choice: Bridge Courses

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By Education Today

Posted on August 11, 2022


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Have you ever thought of changing your career? Or have you come across any other career option that suits you more than your current stream but you don’t have the educational qualification that job demands? That is where bridge courses come to the forefront.

The 36th edition of Education Today will have its focus themed on “Change Your Choice: Bridge Courses” and we will be analyzing the options an individual has if he or she wants to change their career path.

Check out the cover story “A Successful Career Change” by Megha Elza John, and features “Role of Bridge Courses at Various Academic Levels”, “Bridge Courses: Bridging the Education Gap” by Swetha Sukumar, and “FAQs on Bridge Courses” by Megha Elza John, and also read the article of Bonny Bhansali, Principal, The Green Acres Academy, “How Can Schools and Teachers make “Back to School” Transition Smooth for Children?”. We have an exclusive interview with Prof. Muse Mary George (Educationist, Literary Critic, and Malayalam Writer) and Dr. Rajith Kumar (Big Boss fame) by Swetha Sukumar, and T.P Sethumadhavan (Educationist) by Megha.

Happy reading!