Return of Samsung Malaysia’s Solve for Tomorrow Contest

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By Education Today

Posted on August 24, 2022


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 Today, Samsung Malaysia Electronics announced the beginning of its yearly Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition, which calls on Malaysian kids in Forms 1 and 2 to provide innovative approaches to address pressing national problems using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). By answering the three questions in the entry form, students from national schools all around the nation can compete. In December, a Finale Presentation & Prize-Giving Ceremony will mark the conclusion of the competition.

The Solve for Tomorrow competition’s 2018 theme is “CHANGEMAKERS.” The STEM Center at Universiti Malaya has been a partner in the Solve for Tomorrow competition since 2020, and the two organisations will work together once more with the Ministry of Education (MoE) to bring invaluable expertise rooted in the Malaysian STEM ecosystem and the National Education Policy. The centre, which is assisting the competition from beginning to end, will help participants develop their ideas around the three social issues of “Education & Learning,” “Sustainability & Environment,” and “Health & Well-Being” into solutions that will support the local communities and, in the end, support the national agenda.

“More than ten years ago, the Solve for Tomorrow competition was launched internationally as an environmental initiative. As innovation keeps growing, it has since undergone a great deal of evolution. In Malaysia, we want to establish a forum where the younger generation can identify and debate the ways in which STEM can be used to advance significant change. These young brains have produced some amazing ideas over the past two years, and we anticipate seeing more this year that will have a long-lasting effect on society “the director of corporate affairs for Samsung Malaysia Electronics, Dato’ Roh Jae Yeol.