A technology centre is established by Fractus and the UPC to produce “deep tech” solutions.

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By Education Today

Posted on September 14, 2022


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Fractus and the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech (UPC) have decided to establish the Fractus-UPC Deep Tech Hub, a hub of research activities where deep tech technologies will be designed and improved, with the goal of developing disruptive technological solutions based on scientific challenges with significant potential and social impact. One of the first spin-offs from the UPC was Fractus. The Fractus-UPC Deep Tech Hub will focus on talent development, training, innovation, research, and technology transfer activities. It will also actively and strategically contribute to the formation of UPC start-ups and/or spin-offs in the field of deep tech, founded on a scientific discovery or a technological innovation, with the aim of facilitating the product’s access to the market. The field of deep technology includes the creation of innovative responses to global concerns based on cutting-edge engineering or science-based deep technologies.
The agreement, which was signed on September 13 by the dean of the UPC, Daniel Crespo, and the president and chief executive officer of Fractus, Rubén Bonet, states that the hub’s activities will be focused on addressing current challenges through significant scientific and technological advances while fostering research, innovation, and knowledge transfer in fields like urban planning, information and communication technology, biomedical engineering, and transportation and logistics. Some of the areas on which this hub’s activity will be concentrated include quantum computing, photonics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, robotics, electronics, and innovative materials. Through industrial doctorates, collaborations on research and innovation projects, the promotion of research lines or the creation of workshops, as well as the incubation and acceleration of businesses, among other things, the hub’s activities will also support the UPC’s R+D+I in the deep tech sector. Additionally, it is intended to foster innovation contests, awards, forums, end-of-degree theses, and master’s theses in this area.