The Role of Philanthropy in the Education System

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By Education Today

Posted on October 3, 2022


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The Role of Philanthropy in the Education System

One of the greatest gifts any human being could receive is the gift of knowledge and enlightenment, and that is precisely what education does. Not only does education ignite the spark within a raw mind, but it also enables one to be a productive member of society and the economy alike. Due to the lack of access to education, however, a large section of the Indian population remains deprived of education, which is why donations for children’s education are essential.

Despite being the largest democracy in the world, India still suffers from a lack of sufficient educational facilities for rural children in its parts. About  20 million children do not go to school in India. In many impoverished communities, children don’t have the opportunity to receive an education. Some don’t have resources like books or uniforms, leaving children to fall behind without the support to catch up. Youth drop out of school because of the poverty in their family, and they decide to go for jobs,  and never go back to school. Though the urbanites have sufficient educational institutions to acquire knowledge in various domains, rural folks find it hard to get the basic facilities needed to raise their standard to be global citizens.

Lack of education increases the likelihood of involvement in drugs, gangs, and other risky behaviours. It’s easy to see how an absence of education spirals into a cycle of poverty. Although there is a law of free and compulsory education for all children in our country, the truth is that many children still do not get an education. The first and foremost reason is the poor infrastructure in villages with a lack of schools or buildings and other necessary amenities that make a good schooling environment. The other reason is the lack of awareness among parents about the importance of educating their children at least to the primary level.

If you are interested in helping the education of the children in rural areas who cannot study, as well as nomadic children living on the streets, you can contribute to their education and help with tuition fees, school materials, footwear, transportation, etc.

Education sponsorship is the best way to support these children. Studies show that the learning poverty in the country, that is, the lack of access to minimal reading proficiency, has risen from  54% to 70% since the pandemic. The worst affected have been the children who live in the rural areas of the country.

According to the annual education report, the percentage of children aged 6 to 14 who are not enrolled in any school rose from 2.5% in 2018 to 4.6% in 2021. Funding and infrastructure are major issues, so we can make donations for poor children’s education.

Now, there are hundreds of opportunities from non-profit organisations whose mission is aimed at the welfare and education of the economically backward common man. Through these types of organisations, a lot of help can be made available to the needy in society.

There are many charities for education that try to drive away the evil of illiteracy through founding and funding schools that help provide education to as many rural children as possible. They render education free of cost or at nominal rates to enable most rural children to attend classes and attain education.

The Role Played by Philanthropy in Schools

  • Addressing inequality in the school system.
  • Developing the teaching profession.
  • Improving academic performance and the curriculum.
  • Improving non-academic outcomes.
  • Working with vulnerable children.
  • Supporting young people with special educational needs and disabilities.
  • Transitions between stages of, and out of, education.

Many NGOs are helping these children collect funds for their education. There are platforms like Give India that exist to support children’s education. Give India is the largest and most trusted giving platform in India. It provides individuals the opportunity to donate to 200+ grassroots NGOs working for those who need to support most across India. It enables individuals and organisations to raise and donate funds conveniently to any cause they care about, with offerings including crowdfunding, corporate giving, cause marketing, and philanthropy consulting. Each non-governmental organisation has undertaken a pre-screened process to ensure your donation will make a difference. 

Perhaps what we can do is help a child’s education by making donations. It is indeed a good thing that such platforms are emerging to help economically backward students who are unable to study. There is a need to come up with such educational charities not only through NGOs but also through our government.

Education is the backbone of a successful society. Every human being should have the right, privilege, and opportunity to get the best education possible. Unfortunately in our world, this is often not a reality for many impoverished people groups. Education falls by the wayside as people groups struggle to find food, shelter, and healthcare.