Asia’s top educators will meet in Singapore for EDUtech Asia to discuss the future of education in the digital age

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By Education Today

Posted on October 26, 2022


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In order to share their successes, strategies, and ideas for the future of education, education leaders, experts, and EdTech providers from Asia and beyond will assemble in Singapore for the 7th Annual EDUtech Asia on November 9 and 10, 2022. The event will feature four motivational keynotes from around the world. Founder/Director of The Riverside School-Riverside Education Foundation and India’s Design for Change-Global, Kiran Sethi, will give a keynote speech about the value of design thinking in developing a human-centered, cooperative, and hopeful mentality “Human by Accident. by Design, HumanE.” Raya Bidshahri, the founder and CEO of School of Humanity in the United Arab Emirates, will be discussing a doable plan on how to reimagine and remake schools around the world. Albert Park, the chief economist of the Asian Development Bank (the Philippines), will inform us of the learning crisis and loss that is currently occurring in Asia and the urgent need for governments, institutions, schools, and the general public to reverse these losses. Steve Isaacs, Education Program Manager, Epic Games, United States will be sharing “How gaming is shaping the future”, the opportunity and responsibility to nurture the next generation of creators. 

Over 250 education leaders from schools and higher education institutions in Asia will join them as they take the stage for interactive panel discussions and roundtables over the course of the two days. Along with the premium conference, there will be a free expo with over 80 tech demonstrations, a start-up village presented by EduSpaze and AWS EduStart, and 100 show-and-tell presentations by educators. To demonstrate how they are reshaping education in Asia, 200 EdTech solution providers, including Lenovo, Microsoft, Classin, Google Cloud, Intel, Promethean, and more, will be present. The RoboCup Asia-Pacific 2022 CoSpace Leagues (Finals), the Campus Legends Secondary School eSports Tournament hosted by the Singapore Cybersports & Online Gaming Association, and the XCL Esports League – Minecraft edition hosted by XCL Academy are additional events that will take place during the exhibition. 

“EdTech solutions are being used by more schools and educational institutions than ever before. We at EDUtech Asia are thrilled to welcome educators and education leaders back together in person to discuss and experience the most recent EdTech solutions available as well as how they successfully implement them in their institutions “According to Terrapinn’s Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of EDUtech Global, Sharon Roessen.