The revolutionary children’s education platform Kabuni and Tutors International have announced their partnership

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By Education Today

Posted on November 7, 2022


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The revolutionary children's education platform Kabuni and Tutors International have announced their partnership.

Adam Caller, education consultant, CEO, and creator of Tutors International, an exclusive private tutoring organisation, is pleased to announce that his business has recently partnered with Kabuni Metaverse, a leader in immersive technology.

For kids, ages 8 to 16, Kabuni provides a secure Metaverse where they can study, develop, and explore. Kabuni is an evidence-based methodology for kids to enter the Metaverse, focusing on the safe, responsible use of emerging technology, specifically for pedagogical innovation, to meet the learning needs of each unique student. It was created and co-produced with educators and world-renowned education experts. Every educational experience in the Kabuni Metaverse is given live, in real-time, and guided by a qualified educator, providing fully immersive and embodied learning within 3D digital experiences to free both the educator’s and the student’s imaginations.

“Tutors will have much more efficient tools in these embodied environments to instruct pupils outside of the flat screen when the world makes the inevitable jump into the Metaverse and explores the advantages of immersive learning. Although there will never be a substitute for in-person instruction, the post-COVID criteria for hybrid learning make the Metaverse an unmatched experience for remote students and online instructors “explains Kabuni’s founder and CEO Nimesh Patel.