Boarding School v/s Regular School

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By Education Today

Posted on November 15, 2022


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Boarding School v/s Regular School

Education and educational institutions are very important in a child’s life. A school is an institution that sends children to learn new things and to acquire academic as well as interpersonal skills in other areas of life. There are different types of educational institutions in our country. Day schools and boarding schools. In a day school, students go to school only for certain hours. They attend their classes and go home. But in a boarding school, students spend their entire time on campus except for their vacations. In this article, we are discussing the boarding schools and how it is different from regular schools.

The school also provides facilities for the students of the boarding school to live in the school campus along with their studies. For that, such schools have hostels where students can stay away from home to get their education. But normal day school students attend their classes at school for a fixed time in the day and return home and they do not have a fixed study plan or discipline at home. They can study only when they find time for themselves. But, boarding school students have strict study time, rules and regulations and they are always under the supervision of school authorities, which gives relief to their parents for educational and security purposes.

Parents who have an unstable life due to work or some other reasons send their children to live and study permanently keeping in mind the future of their children. In cases where parents are not able to attend to their children’s affairs properly, children are sent to boarding school keeping in mind their better future, where they get academic study and 24*7 security with faculty only in school premises.

Differences between Boarding schools and Regular schools

  • Study Time : While regular schools or day schools have a fixed time of 7-9 hours for conducting classes, students in boarding schools have more time and as they stay in the school premises it connects the students with the school 24 hours a day.
  • Academics : In boarding schools, academics are not confined to classrooms only, students of boarding schools can study 24*7 in their hostel after school hours. However, students studying in regular schools have to attend only classes and study only for exams. When the student is sitting at home and studying, other things interfere with their learning. No such rigorous study methods are followed with them as compared to boarding school students.
  • Cultural and regional importance : Where in a regular school, students from the same locality will be attending the school together; in boarding school, the scenario is different because students from all across the country or even outside the nation can study and stay together. This gives cultural and regional exposure to students studying at the boarding school. They accept and adapt to different cultural values which also boosts their intellect as compared to students at a local school. 
  • Discipline : Students in regular or local schools have a relaxed lifestyle as there are no rules and regulations after school. And they will be flexible in how they study and use the time they have left after school as per their convenience. But, boarding school students live by the rules and regulations laid down by the school authorities. They cannot relax their way of life. Hence it becomes an advantage for the students later in their career.

Important Facts about Boarding Schools

  • In boarding school, students are disciplined to the core as there are rules and regulations from joining schools to sleeping and playing time.
  • Students in boarding schools are always in contact with their peers, so combined study makes learning easier for them. Along with that, they can learn different cultures and languages. It not only develops the intelligence of the students academically but also advances them culturally.
  • The boarding school students become more responsible and understanding in critical situations as and when required because the environment at boarding schools allows them to be a good decision maker.
  • Along with studies, students are given importance in co-curricular activities and find special time for them. For that, special facilities will be prepared in the campus itself.

A boarding school is significantly different from a regular/local school. The facts mentioned about the boarding school and also the differences between a regular day school and boarding school will help you understand this well enough.