Launch of Aviation Program at Newark Public Schools with Aviation Institute of Maintenance

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By Education Today

Posted on November 24, 2022


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A strategic alliance with Teterboro, New Jersey’s Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) was approved by the Newark Board of Education (NBOE). Each year, AIM graduates hundreds of aviation maintenance technicians who are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Students from the NBOE will be able to begin their education in this highly sought-after area of aircraft systems that can lead to professions as mechanics, avionics technicians, and aircraft inspectors. Roger León, superintendent of the district, stated that “the district continues to identify sectors with severe labour shortages and partners with industry leaders to provide programmes and opportunities today, preparing our students for professions tomorrow.”

Although pre-pandemic levels of air traffic have not yet fully returned, airports around the world are still experiencing a manpower shortage that has an influence on all facets of the aviation sector. The travel season last summer was among the worst ever. De’Kylen Jordan, Campus Executive Director of Aviation Institute of Maintenance, said, “Plagued by delays and cancellations for various causes, this industry needs an injection of fresh high-skilled employees. AIM in cooperation with the Newark Board of Education is poised to offer just that. We know the chances are real because of the recent growth at Newark International Airport and its proximity to our schools, said NBOE President Dawn Haynes.

The collaboration with AIM will begin this spring for seniors who meet the prerequisites for graduation, with intentions to grow to include full-time enrolment of NBOE students at AIM. Through guest lecturers and extended learning opportunities at nearby airports, students will be fully immersed in all facets of the profession. Superintendent Roger León stated, “The aviation sector provides many prospects for career progression, and we plan to make them available to our students. Visit NBOE & AIM Partnership for more information about the NBOE x AIM partnership.