UK offers scholarships for Chagossian students to attend Middlesex University in Mauritius

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By Education Today

Posted on November 26, 2022


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UK offers scholarships for Chagossian students to attend Middlesex University in Mauritius

People of Chagosian ancestry are eligible to apply for financial aid from the UK government to attend Middlesex University Mauritius.

The UK government has launched a scheme of financial support for people of Chagossian heritage who want to study at Middlesex University Mauritius as part of its commitment to deliver the Chagossian Support Package. Part of Middlesex University, Middlesex University Mauritius offers highly recognised degrees that are supported by the British educational framework. On the west coast of the island of Mauritius is where you’ll find the university campus. In addition to an international foundation programme, the institution provides a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in accounting, advertising, business, computing, and law. Visit the Middlesex University Mauritius website to learn more about the institution. 

For a year, as a bursary recipient, you will receive complete fee exemptions, free university housing, and assistance with living expenses. Awards of a bursary for a subsequent year of study are dependent on the availability of money from the UK government and are not guaranteed. You must be able to show that you were either born on the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT)/Chagos Archipelago or that a member of your family was. You can still apply for a bursary if you are not a Mauritian citizen, but you will need to cover your own travel expenses to Mauritius and secure a student visa from the Mauritian government. There are only a certain amount of initial bursaries available. Middlesex University Mauritius would choose bursary recipients based on academic merit if there are more applicants than there are bursaries available. Fill out the online application form provided by Middlesex University Mauritius to request a bursary, and a representative from the school will get in touch with you. There are two semester starts in 2023: February and September. By no later than 10 January 2023, you must express your interest in receiving a bursary for a course beginning in February 2023 by filling out the online form. Contact Vanessa Ramchandar at if you have any general questions about the bursary programme or studying at Middlesex University Mauritius.