Junior Achievement receives a $15,000 donation from Populus Financial Group, and volunteers teach the programme for a day.

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By Education Today

Posted on December 8, 2022


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Junior Achievement receives a $15,000 donation from Populus Financial Group, and volunteers teach the programme for a day.

In order to teach JA in a Day at J.O. Davis Elementary School in Irving, Texas, Populus Financial Group went back to the classroom. 352 kids in third through fifth grade were taught about entrepreneurship, work and career readiness, and financial literacy by Populus volunteers. Additionally, Populus’ charitable giving initiative, The ACE Community Fund, gave Junior Achievement a yearly corporate commitment of $15,000. Since the Covid-19 epidemic, Populus staff have been digitally delivering the Junior Achievement curriculum to pupils in the DFW region’s elementary schools. Returning to in-person instruction is exciting. 

The sequential topics in Junior Achievement’s JA in a Day curriculum are for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. Students get an understanding of the fundamentals of business and economics as well as how education relates to the workplace. The lessons are built upon in the activities, which also get children ready for secondary school and lifelong learning. Jan Muirfield, president and chief executive officer of Junior Achievement of Dallas, said, “We are extremely appreciative for the 16-year cooperation with Populus Financial Group and their volunteers’ continuous dedication to help the students at J.O. Davis Elementary. “By exposing these youngsters to an array of opportunities, Populus staff members continue to have an impact on their lives. I’d like to thank you for changing lives.”

Since 2006, Populus Financial Group has collaborated with Junior Achievement, contributing more than $327,000. Inspiring students to dream big and realise their full potential, Populus can teach financial literacy and entrepreneurship to kids in our neighbourhood by sponsoring Junior Achievement. “The long-lasting effects Junior Achievement of Dallas has on our community are what make working with them the most rewarding. We teach young pupils the importance of developing an early understanding of business and money management. By spending time with them and supporting their education, we also show the students how crucial they are to our future “said Spencer Williams, board member of Junior Achievement of Dallas and executive vice president & chief financial officer for Populus Financial Group.