The Child Saving Institute announces a $46 million capital campaign to provide services in the Omaha metro area.

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By Education Today

Posted on December 27, 2022


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The Child Saving Institute announces a $46 million capital campaign to provide services in the Omaha metro area.

In Omaha, the Child Saving Institute (CSI) has a long history of giving local children and families hope and healing. Despite having a rich past, CSI aims to improve the future of healthcare in the Omaha area as it starts a $46,000,000 capital campaign in order to increase its services and physical footprint. The organisation will be able to continue serving its clients’ changing needs for the next 100 years because to CSI’s Campaign for Hope. “The Campaign for Hope will enable CSI to carry on offering vital services in a more deliberate, timely, and responsive manner to more children and families in need on a larger campus. Our community is in need, and we are addressing it “Cindy Heider, chair of the Campaign for Hope, said

The rapidly increasing need for paediatric and adolescent therapy, an expanded emergency shelter, supportive early education services, and other access to high-quality early childhood education are just a few of the changing needs of local children and families that CSI has rigorously assessed. To enhance these services, CSI will almost treble the size of its strategically situated physical structure at 45th and Dodge Street. Four additional early childhood education classrooms, including a STEAM classroom, and innovative treatment childcare classrooms added within its early childhood education centre to address the needs of preschoolers unable to attend conventional school settings will be made possible by this two-year project. It will also enable the addition of an on-site mental health clinic, a newly constructed emergency shelter housing 16 beds for young people, and four additional early childhood education classrooms. 

“CSI is thrilled to be ending another year with optimism. regardless of their present or historical circumstances, there is hope for all Omaha children and families. Our community can become stronger if we work together. However, we are unable to complete our effort without the help of people close to us. We appreciate your support throughout the years and look forward to working with you in the future “According to CSI President & CEO Jaymes Sime.