The Executive Council Forum 2022 at Woxsen University featured international speakers and manifesto signings

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By Education Today

Posted on December 27, 2022


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The Executive Council Forum 2022 at Woxsen University featured international speakers and manifesto signings

With today’s signing of the Woxsen Manifesto, Woxsen University’s Executive Council Forum 2022, a world-wide high-strategic conference, came to an end. Leading academic & business organisations signed the manifesto, promising to work together to address pressing problems in the world’s higher education system from Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana. The academicians of HigherEd schools have agreed to the points outlined in this manifesto, which may be viewed as a Declaration of Intent. Together, they will work toward some of the best practises to develop a learner-centered education landscape. The delegates of the aforementioned institutions may also decide to adopt the following in accordance with Vision 2035. 

Dan LeClair, CEO of GBSN USA, Nishit Jain, Senior Special Advisor at Asia EFMD, Bruno Henrique Rocha, PUCPR Brazil, Glenn Muschert, Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates, and Evgenia Pashkevich, Institute of Business Studies, are the signatories to the manifesto. High-profile guests of honour from all over the world, deans, directors, rectors, as well as senior C-level executives from the Indian subcontinent, attended the two-day forum. Woxsen University Vice President Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez stated, “ECF 2022’s objective is straightforward but essential. We seek to accurately identify where higher education has come from and where it is headed internationally. ECF will work as a platform to reinvent everything from strategy to on-the-ground operations, presenting to the globe an educational model that is socially responsible and sustainable.” The subject, Vision 2035, focuses on developing NextGen Learners. Guests of honour at the forum, which was held on December 20 and 21, 2022, included Dr. Sandeep Krishnamurthy, dean of the University of Washington’s Bothell School of Business in the United States; Vivek Kalia, head of business operations at Airbus India Training Center in India; Ranjan Dwivedi, retired IPS and former director general of police for the government of Uttar Pradesh in India; and Nishit Jain, senior special advisor at EFMD Asia.