The governor declares January 22–28 as “Missouri School Choice Week” and acknowledges the importance of options for children’s education

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By Education Today

Posted on December 29, 2022


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The governor declares January 22–28 as "Missouri School Choice Week" and acknowledges the importance of options for children's education

Missouri’s governor, Mike Parson, has declared January 22–28 to be School Choice Week. More than a dozen other governors are anticipated to sign this proclamation over the course of the following four weeks. State, local, and county leaders from all over the country will formally speak out throughout the Week to emphasise the value of personalised educational options. Following a year of historically significant nationwide expansions of school choice, Gov. Parson issued his proclamation. For Missouri children’s future, the proclamation emphasises the value of options for high-quality education. It also acknowledges the efforts and contributions of the community leaders, parents, and educators who support the local schools. 

For the Week, parents, schools, and other organisers have planned 376 events across the state of Missouri. These events include rallies, in-school activities, a citywide open house in Kansas City, a charter school fair in St. Louis, a fun virtual school student rally in Jefferson City, and more. All of these activities are intended to start conversations about the opportunities parents have, or want to have, for their children’s education. For the week, more than 25,000 events have been separately planned across the country to increase public awareness of various educational options.

The fact that Missouri offers a variety of schools is reason for celebration, according to Andrew Campanella, president and chief executive officer of the National School Choice Awareness Foundation. The celebration of how school choice helps all children in Missouri reach their potential will include more families thanks to this proclamation. The importance of excellent K–12 education options for kids is highlighted throughout National School Choice Week. The Week, a non-profit initiative, equally emphasises conventional public, charter, magnet, online, private, and home education options. Tens of thousands of events and activities, including school fairs, open homes, and student showcases, are planned by participants each January to promote school choice in all 50 states. National School Choice Week creates resources and how-to manuals all year long to help parents find schools or learning settings for their kids. The initiative is nonpartisan and apolitical, and it does not promote legislation.