A new 3M “Skilled” documentary series highlights the need for varied and fulfilling trade careers

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By Education Today

Posted on January 23, 2023


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A new 3M "Skilled" documentary series highlights the need for varied and fulfilling trade careers

Today marks the world premiere of “Skilled,” a new documentary from 3M (NYSE: MMM), which aims to promote the skilled trades and dispel common misconceptions about these important professions. Four trade workers—a plumber, a fall safety specialist, a welder, and a film gaffer—at various stages of their employment are shown in the documentary “Skilled,” which emphasises the worthwhile prospects available within the crafts.

Vivica A. Fox, an actress, director, and philanthropist, will host the premiere of the movie at the 3M-sanctioned 2023 Sundance Film Festival. On May 3, the movie will be streamable on Apple TV+, Google Play, Kanopy, Prime Video, and The Roku Channel. According to James Momon, chief equity officer of 3M, “At 3M, we’re trying to improve awareness around the breadth of opportunities available in the trades and encourage students who select these fascinating career pathways.” “Our economies and global societies depend on skilled workers. We are concentrating on spreading the word about “Skilled” in classrooms and moving on with our global promise to develop 5 million distinctive skilled trades and STEM learning experiences for disadvantaged people by the end of 2025.” 

In addition to this corporate objective at 3M, the company’s Safety & Industrial Business Group (SIBG) will promote equity in the skilled trades by utilising its resources (people, products, and community partnerships). The business organisation is involving underrepresented kids and young adults interested in vocational training for jobs to raise awareness of the skilled trades as a viable career. Along with linking students and young people to opportunities for practical training and certification, SIBG is also actively seeking out community partnerships that support the skilled trade vocations that their customers are trying to fill. According to Mike Vale, group president of 3M Safety and Industrial Business Group, “Within SIBG, we’re on a mission to alter the way work gets done.” “We must promote a revolutionary attitude in our people and the industries we serve in addition to our innovative goods and solutions. Supporting skilled crafts will influence the nature of work in the future, expand the talent pool for important positions, and meet the urgent needs of the global economy.”