130 million girls worldwide are denied an education, according to UN experts

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By Education Today

Posted on January 27, 2023


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130 million girls worldwide are denied an education, according to UN experts.

Geneva According to UN experts*, 130 million girls around the world are denied their basic human right to an education, and they are urging governments to do more to realise this right. The experts made the following declaration in advance of the International Day of Education: 

“The world is in trouble.” Education is a fundamental, transforming, and powerful human right that is denied to 130 million girls worldwide.

Individuals, communities, nations, and the entire world may develop wellbeing and prosperity for all by having access to high-quality education. Less than half of the world’s countries have achieved gender parity in primary education, despite the commitments made by all States to realise the right to education for all. Discrimination at its most crippling occurs when it denies girls and other disadvantaged groups their fundamental right to an education. As it robs us of the creativity, ingenuity, and accomplishments of more than half of humanity, it impoverishes our world. 

Since Afghanistan is the only country in the world that forbids women and girls from pursuing higher education, our thoughts are today specifically with Afghan women and girls. We once again call on the de facto authorities in Afghanistan to immediately remove the discriminatory practises that have prevented women and girls from attending secondary schools, universities, and other institutions of higher learning. They amount to maltreatment that not only negatively impacts women and girls but also gravely jeopardises the nation’s future. We kindly request that the international community use all of its influence to have these policies changed.