What Does Feminism Mean to You? (1st Prize)

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By Education Today

Posted on March 9, 2023


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Women are the most special creatures on the earth with the most enduring capacity. This enduring capacity has led them to face many oppressions in the society. Feminism can be described as a movement for the rights of the women and for their equality on all basis. It is a form of movement against patriarchy.

In patriarchy, a male is given the dominant power whereas the female is regarded as recessive. There had been a lot of movements in the history of feminism. Radical feminism, French Feminism, Marxist feminism, Black feminism and so forth are the types of feminism. Feminism also had faced a backlash in the history.

Most of the women in our society feels it a shame to be identified or being called a feminist. The society had already constructed a shape or design to define a feminist. A big spectacle, big black Bindi and there is a special hairstyle too. Aren’t these all stupidity? Feminism for sure doesn’t have any designing principles based on the appearance. One who raises their voice against the society, against the patriarchy or against the unethical traditions could be considered as a feminist. A feminist does nothing wrong to the society, they just want to have equality for all sexes. But the society calls them a feminist and visualize them equal to a terrorist.

 Feminism is not just for a woman; it is also for a man. Anyone who raises their voice against the inequality can be viewed as a feminist. There is no gender discrimination inside feminism. It gives equality to all sexes. Feminism doesn’t belong only to the women; it is for everyone. But the society has really made them as only for women. A feminist can be seen everywhere in the world, fighting everyday with the world. A lot of women still doesn’t have a clear knowledge about feminism. It has to made clear and known. A lot of women are still suffering from patriarchy, so we have to mention feminism till the patriarchy is removed. 

Many women think that feminism is something that is going against the law and their belief, they are still unknown to the fact that it actually is giving voice to them. The false notion regarding feminism has to be changed. Both the men and the women have to be given proper knowledge about what is feminism. The myth that feminism is something that brings the men to the bottom has to be erased. It just brings the men and women to an equal height. 

As we are in an era of identification of newer sexes, the idea of feminism too shouldn’t be varied in such cases. A woman or a man as long as he or she is a human should be treated equally. Feminism also has to address the issues of a prostitute women also. Even though many of them are brought by treachery, no one in the society raises their voice for them. India has legalized prostitution, but it is like giving consent to rape a woman. Just consider us being trapped into such a situation. Giving their proper rights could make a change, slowly it would disappear. As they would become educated and thus would deviate from such kind of works.

In conclusion, feminism can be described as a social and political movement against the oppression of all sexes and for the equality of all sexes. Feminism includes male and females who asks for their rights. Feminism is also for every human being. It is not a sexually oriented movement even though it had been at first. Nowadays every human being needs equality. Thus, let us strive for a world where there is equal rights for every sexes in a society. A newer world it would be. As long as we hadn’t experienced such a world its beauty remains unknown to us. Let us together move forward to have a beautiful experience of a newer world. 

Ahla Iqbal

III BA English Language and Literature.

MES Asmabi College, P. Vemballur.