IIT Madras Placements (Chemical Engineering): Highest Package, Average CTC, top Recruiting Companies

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By Education Today

Posted on March 31, 2023


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The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras recorded the placement of 445 students in the first phase of the 2022 placement session, out of which 25 students received packages of more than Rs 1 crore this year.

Placement package

As of now, the maximum package received in the 2021-22 batch is Rs 46.08 lakh. Top companies this year who extended offers to IIT Madras students on the first day of the first part of the placement season included Texas Instruments, Bajaj Auto, Qualcomm, J P Morgan Chase, Procter & Gamble, Morgan Stanley, Graviton, Mckinsey & Company, Cohesity, and more.

While there were fewer students who were eligible this year—136 as opposed to 138 in 2020–21—there were more students placed—90 as opposed to 62 last year. The average income also climbed from Rs 13.64 lakh per year in 2020–21 to Rs 17.33 lakh per year in 2021–22, while the total number of offers increased from 74 to 104.

The Covid epidemic may have had an impact on IIT Madras’ placement graph, which had declined from the previous year in 2020–21. The total number of qualified students in 2019–20 (109) was lower than in 2020–21 (138), but aside from that, every other data showed a decline. The overall number of offers fell from 77 to 74, the number of students placed fell from 66 to 62, and the average wage fell from Rs. 15.24 lakh to Rs. 13.64 lakh.

Only the 2020–21 batch saw this decline; before to that, the graph had only been rising. The average pay for 2019–2020 was Rs 15.24 lakh, a significant rise from Rs 13.68 lakh for 2018–19 and Rs 11.93 lakh for 2017–18.