The New MSc in Sport Data Analytics Program at the University of Strathclyde- Starts in September

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By Education Today

Posted on April 3, 2023


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A new Master’s programme in Sport Data Analytics has been introduced by the University of Strathclyde in the UK. Graduates will be taught how to analyze, interpret, and present data through this course. Students will get knowledge and experience necessary for entering the pitch. Via the official website,, students can apply.

You can enroll in the MSc in Sport Data Analytics programme either full- or part-time. The part-time program will last 24 months and the full-time degree will last 12 months. The application deadline is in August, and the course will start in September. For the course, a total of 20 spots are open. IELTS scores over 6.5 are required for applicants to the program.

During the course, students will have the opportunity to get practical experience. A multitude of recognized professional professional sports organizations have cooperated with the university. In addition, there will be guest lectures and opportunities for students to network with industry experts. A dissertation is due at the end of the second semester of the two-semester course. Data has been used more and more in team and individual sports in recent years to improve performance, strategy and training. The program is provided by the School of Psychological Sciences and Health, and Dr. Xanne Janssen and Dr. Allan Hewitt will serve as its directors.