Competition Kicks Off to Inspire College Students Worldwide for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

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By Education Today

Posted on April 10, 2023


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CHONGQING, China, April 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Championship of the 8th China International College Students’ “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (the “Competition”) is to be unveiled on April 9 at Chongqing University, a public research and leading university in Southwest China. Since the Competition’s formal debut in April 2022, 3.4 million projects, 14.5 million students, and 4,554 universities and colleges from 111 nations and regions have registered for it. This marks the first time that the Competition’s participant base has surpassed 10 million.

The goal of this year’s tournament, which adheres to the theme “Dare to Venture, Dare to Create,” is to be “more Chinese, more international, more educational, more thorough, and more innovative.” Through vigorously promoting the integration of vocational education, industry and education, and science and education, it has developed into a significant vehicle for the integrated promotion of education, science, technology, and talents, and is now driving innovation in higher education in the new era. In order to support the “dual circulation” development pattern, in which the domestic economic cycle plays a leading role while the international economic cycle remains its extension and support, the competition brings together renowned universities, businesses, and entrepreneurs from around the world. It also creates a platform for international innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. 

Along with Chinese universities, the competition had 1,340 institutions, 7,944 projects, and 25,260 participants from 107 nations and territories. As comparison to 2021, this year has seen an increase in projects and participants of 44% and 62%, respectively. A total of 2,873 projects, or 37% of all international projects, have been registered by the top 100 universities in the world, including Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College of Technology, Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University, Columbia University, and National University of Singapore. University students from all over the world have participated in great numbers in the competition, which has grown to be an international brand. This has effectively encouraged conversations about innovation and entrepreneurship among university students from various nations, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds while also showcasing the youthful quality of international cultural public products.

How are we going to get there? China has extended an invitation to young people all around the world to take part in this initiative for innovation and entrepreneurship. The Competition has given young people a crucial platform on which to explore the uncharted and take advantage of the chance to engage in conversation with the future.