The Pattanam Designory & The Art of Makeup

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Posted on April 17, 2023


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Pattanam Rasheed |Indian make-up artist


 Pattanam Rasheed Interview

In the Malayalam film industry, Pattanam Rasheed, the renowned make-up artist, immediately comes to mind when the term “makeup” is read between the credits.

Eminent actors frequently advise filmmakers that if a character need undergoes a significant change in the movie, the date of Pattanam Rasheed should be confirmed beforehand. He had contributed to films in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, English, Arabic, and Sanskrit in addition to Malayalam.

Through the Pattanam Rasheed Makeup Academy in Kaloor, Kochi, he is developing and guiding aspiring make-up artists.

What is the reason to start a makeup academy despite your busy schedule of films?

When I wanted to begin my career as a make-up artist, there were no college institutions that taught only makeup. The Gurukul system dominated the sector at that time. We have to help senior makeup artists understand the fundamentals. Though we weren’t given any information regarding the cosmetic items they use or the approach they employ for various make-ups, it was more like a practical learning experience.

When I first started working in the film industry, I primarily worked with the energetic young performers of that generation. I could work a little more freely as a result. Academic training has, however, expanded into other facets of cinema. For instance, academic education and specialised institutes have emerged for the arts of acting, editing, and cinematography, allowing for the development of outstanding individuals in those fields. However, there were no schools for teaching makeup, a subject that was equally significant.

With the intention of imparting expert makeup instruction to the next generation of industry leaders, I founded this institution 11 years ago. It is a facility for professional education. Full-time sessions are available six days a week from 10 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. Here, you can choose from 1- to 8-month-long diploma programmes. Courses in skin care and hair design are also offered here in addition to professional makeup training. Additionally offered courses are HD bridal makeup, airbrush makeup, dance makeup, fashion makeup, theatre makeup, and character makeup.

Along with this, we also help students who complete their education here find employment. Especially in the domains of theatre performances, commercial films, and television. We concentrate on giving the students who are studying here the most opportunity possible. In addition to doing make-up, we offer the opportunity for appropriate training. Furthermore, several students who have studied here have worked in the film industry and have won state makeup honours.

Efforts are being made from our side to bring the students to the most advanced technology.

The trends in makeup also alter as time goes on. How do you keep up with such dynamic trends?

Makeup never stays put in one spot. Makeup is always changing. We keep a close eye on changes taking place in the makeup industry. The products or materials utilised now won’t be utilised in the future. New beauty products are created by numerous renowned makeup artists. We have a network of contacts around the world to learn how the manufacture of their cosmetics might help us. Relationships with well-known makeup artists and magazines around the world are quite helpful in this regard. Every one of them teaches us something new about new trends.

What career options are available to a student taking a make-up course in this field?

The majority of girls today choose this course. After completing programmes like BDS, BTech, Fashion Designing, Air Hostess, etc., some students enrol in our academy solely to pursue their passion for makeup. Finding and selecting one’s area of interest is something that the current generation places a lot of emphasis on. This industry gives women more financial security by empowering them and increasing their income. Today’s fashion and makeup industries are so developed that women have several career options in these disciplines.

If you are talented and skilled at what you do, the pay for bridal make-up can be very high. If they receive 10 bridal works per month, such persons can establish a good existence. Today, there are numerous chances for persons in the makeup profession. The students’ chances are greatly increased by enrolling in these courses. Additionally, makeup is crucial as a form of art that may be appreciated on its own.

Is there any eligibility criteria for joining the courses here?

Naturally, there is. The minimal level of education needed to apply is a +2. Because the names of the makeup products used for teaching here are in English. Need the ability to read and comprehend it. The minimal requirement has been added as a result. Students who enrol in this course should be able to learn the bare essentials of the goods’ functions. Additionally, they require a talent for the industry.

Since makeup is an artistic profession, one needs to be able to reason, behave imaginatively, and use logic. Only then will it be feasible to continue working in this field while producing high-quality work.

When we had skin conditions in the past, we would visit hospitals and consult a dermatologist or skin specialist. However, nowadays, numerous beauty salons provide skin care services. How the students here are coached for skin care courses?

These skin care courses are very important and have a lot of potential today. We don’t provide coaching classes here for a day or a month. This course is completed by a student in three or four months. Giving classes repeatedly helps them learn it practically. Students observe the alterations to the skin by practising for several days. You can get confident in them as a result of that. Additionally, we offer classes to students from professionals in the field.

Chamayam, is your book about make-up?

Yes, my book Chamayam, won the state prize for best book the previous year. In that book, I wrote more about makeup than about my life. Additionally, it serves as a resource for academics. I covered every aspect of makeup in that book, including folk art makeup as well as makeup for movies. It is a thorough book that examines the advancements and changes that have occurred in the cosmetics industry. That book helped me secure a senior fellowship. It will be the first book about makeup to be published in India. Work is now being done on the book’s English translation.

The English translation of Chamayam will be made available in 2023 in a somewhat more thorough manner. I think this book will contribute to expanding the opportunities for makeup on a global scale. For anyone researching and teaching cinema, especially for the younger generation, this book will be a gold mine. This Malayalam version is currently available nationwide. Since it’s a book for academics, I hope that the English translation will also be acknowledged on a national scale.