Kerala to Teach the NCERT books’ Excised Passages

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By Education Today

Posted on April 26, 2023


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According to reports, the Kerala State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) voted on Tuesday to allow students in Kerala to learn material that the NCERT had removed from class XI and XII textbooks as part of its “syllabus rationalization”process. According to sources in SCERT, the curriculum committee decided that Kerala should teach the elements that were removed, which were mostly related to history. According to reports, the SCERT decided that Kerala should be the printing location for supplemental textbooks. 

According to sources, the committee has given the Education Minister the authority to make the ultimate decision on this. According to sources in SCERT, the state Education Department would proceed with the curriculum committee’s in principle decision that the deleted portions should be taught by introducing supplementary textbooks for classes XI and XII because the government has taken a strong stance against the removal of portions from textbooks. 

Despite the fact that NCERT has streamlined the curriculum for classes VI through XII, according to sources, Kerala only uses NCERT textbooks for classes XI and XII, therefore the revisions for other classes won’t have an impact on state pupils.