Australia: As immigration Policies Change, English Requirements May Increase

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By Education Today

Posted on May 5, 2023


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In the midst of an extensive review of the nation’s migration system, the President of Australia’s leading organization for English language education claimed that the existing complexity around several visa programmes for international students causes “misconceptions.” According to English Australia CEO Brett Blacker, the report “notes the vast number of current visa classes and subclasses, which is complex.”

Unfortunately, it also causes misunderstandings regarding the various visa cohorts.The distinction between “temporary” immigrants with student visas and other migrant channels, he said, “can result in misconceptions about the social integration of international students and their English language proficiency.” The presiding panel of the report from the Department of Home Affairs, which examined popular subjects in Australian overseas education, expressed concern about declining English language proficiency among them.

The research stated that there is “an underlying expectation that a student’s English will be enhanced at the end of a degree in Australia.” However, many students are starting from a low base; [IELTS] 5.5 is a low score (in the range of’modest’ and ‘competent’). It would be worthwhile to investigate whether boosting the standard of English proficiency required for these visas would assist ensure that graduates have a greater chance of succeeding in our labour market. The statement said, “Such a move might also assist protect educational quality.