IIT Roorkee, Imarticus Learning Launches HR Management and Analytics Certificate Programme

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By Education Today

Posted on July 13, 2023


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The CEC at IIT Roorkee has collaborated with Imarticus Learning and launched its certification programme in Human Resource Management and Analytics. The programme will focus on optimising HR processes and enhancing organisational performance, as per ed-tech company Imarticus. Interested and eligible candidates can register at the official website— imarticus.org/certification-program-in-human-resource-management-and-analytics-iit-roorkee/

The programme will be of six months duration and offer 100 hours of live training including both theoretical concepts and practicals, students will get to interact with IIT faculties in weekend live sessions. Each batch will have 40 students and the course will commence from October. The course fee is Rs 1 lakh + GST.

The curriculum will encompass the use of three or more tools, enabling students to gain proficiency in statistical tools such as Excel as well as advanced machine learning algorithms for predictive analysis.

The participants will also get work on eight or more real-world case studies, helping them in applying their knowledge in practical scenarios. There will also be a campus immersion opportunity for participants to visit the institute and the faculty as well as build their network.

The course is a fusion of HR management practices and data-driven decision making, this aims to gather insights from HR data to drive decision making and improve organisational performance. HR professionals can detect patterns, enhance processes and promote better employee engagement and retention by employing statistical methods, using analytical tools including Excel, Python and applying machine learning algorithms.

By employing tools like Excel and Python for HR data analysis, professionals in this field can leverage machine learning and statistics for HR insights and consider both qualitative and quantitative data while making decisions.

The students will receive an industry-recognised HR certificate from CEC, IIT Roorkee with an endorsement of their skills and experience.