Centre requests AIIMS-Delhi to limit the length of PhD studies

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By Education Today

Posted on August 1, 2023


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The All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi has been asked by the union health ministry to limit PhD students’ or scientists’ time spent working on research projects to six years. The AIIMS administration has not yet put the directive into effect, though. PhD students and scientists working on research papers at AIIMS have been protesting the decision for the past few days.

In accordance with the direction the health ministry published on July 12, “Project staff will not be allowed to continue or hired to serve beyond six years of cumulative engagement in the institute,” according to PTI. Additionally, it specifies that subject to the previously indicated restriction of six years of cumulative engagement and other applicable terms, “Hiring/shifting of current staff to any fresh or ongoing project may be allowed and to compete with fresh applicants.” 

On July 10, the AIIMS administration delayed its earlier decision suspending the recruitment and selection of research workers, noting that the procedures for doing so were being examined, after concerns from scientists. On July 12, the ministry sent a new direction to the AIIMS administration, urging it to set a six-year maximum for the length of time one employee may work on projects there. According to the Society of Young Scientists, a number of researchers and PhD candidates have claimed that the immediate layoff of 1,400 employees—including technical staff and researchers—at several AIIMS projects will result from the cap on projects.