DU launches “Centre for Tribal Studies”

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By Education Today

Posted on August 10, 2023


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The Centre for Tribal Studies (CTS), which the Delhi University announced the creation of on Wednesday, aims to explore the diversity of tribal practices, culture, language, religion, economy, commonality, and interaction with nature from an Indian viewpoint. The declaration was issued by the institution on the International Day of Indigenous Peoples of the World. The Centre for Tribal Studies, according to a statement from the DU, is a “transformative step in advancing and addressing the contemporary issues relevant to the tribal communities in terms of their overall development and well-being in present as well as in future progression.” A governing body has been established, with academics Professor Payal Mago, Director of the Campus of Open Learning, Professor K Ratnabali, Faculty of Law, and Professor V S Negi, Department of Geography as members. Professor Prakash Singh, Director of the University of Delhi South Campus, serves as the chair of the body. 

Professor T. V. Kattimani, the vice chancellor of the Central Tribal University of Andhra Pradesh, and Professor Chander Mohan Parsheera, the director of the Institute of Tribal Studies at the Himachal Pradesh University, will both provide scholarly input to the facility. According to Professor Prakash Singh, the head of the governing council, the centre would have an all-Indian viewpoint while taking into account the regional diversity of Northeast India, Central India, South India, and Island regions, among others.