India wants to make international student journeys easier via a one-stop platform

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By Education Today

Posted on August 18, 2023


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A coordinated digital platform for international students looking to study in India has been developed by the nation’s ministry of education in association with the ministries of home affairs and external affairs. In India, a student’s academic path would be made simpler thanks to the SII Portal, a one-stop platform, according to Dharmendra Pradhan, the country’s minister of education.

“The SII Portal reflects our commitment to make India a preferred education destination as well as to blur academic boundaries for shaping a prosperous future,” says the statement accompanying the SII Portal. With the new platform, students can select from 2,650 courses to apply to across 240 higher education institutions, submitting multiple applications and receiving offers all in one place. Previously, international students seeking education in India had to apply separately to institutions. 

The platform, which has a secure connection to the Indian system for issuing visas, would streamline previously difficult visa application processes. After registering, pupils receive a special ID that must be used to apply for a visa. It is envisaged that this platform will help Prime Minister Narendra Modi achieve his goal of reestablishing India as a global hub of education through the country’s 2020 NEP. Government officials met to launch the platform on August 3 at Parliament House in New Delhi.