IIM Kashipur, Max Healthcare to Launch PG Diploma Programme in Hospital Management

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By Education Today

Posted on September 13, 2023


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The Indian Institute of Management Kashipur (IIM Kashipur) has teamed up with Max Healthcare Ltd to launch a postgraduate diploma program in hospital management. As per an agreement signed by both organizations, the launch of the PG diploma program will address the increasing demand for trained manpower in the healthcare sector. 

According to a release from IIM Kashipur, the nine-month PG diploma program in hospital management is designed specifically for executives and managers who want to advance their knowledge of hospital operations. According to the announcement, as part of the agreement, the two organizations have decided to conduct cooperative research, seminars, and other academic partnerships.

Professor Kunal Ganguly, Dean (Development), IIM Kashipur, who noted that this was the first such program, also mentioned that the PG diploma course would be introduced by the end of the year and that faculty members would take classes from both Max Healthcare and IIM Kashipur. Additionally, students enrolled in this program will have the chance to receive practical training at the Max Hospitals.

The IIM Kashipur and Max Healthcare PG diploma program will be a blended program, which means that it would incorporate “cutting-edge” e-learning materials with live lectures given by IIM Kashipur professors.

Participants develop a broad range of skills thanks to this distinctive combination of information, digital tools, and procedures, as well as practical experience earned through immersion at Max Healthcare. Max Healthcare Ltd.’s Umesh Gupta, Senior Director-HR and Chief People Officer, added.

According to an IIM Kashipur quote from Economic Survey 2022–23, “It is to be noted that India’s healthcare spending as a proportion of GDP is expected to rise to 2.1% in FY23 from 2.2% in FY22 and 1.6% in FY21, and the global healthcare market will expand by 2030.”